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While the main story is important to me, I'm not against drawing (or getting drawings/stories of) my characters being enslaved, hypnotised, or any other kind of perilous situation you can think of. As such, I have created this page to showcase some of these things. Am I weird? Maybe. But I enjoy it, so that's that.

ARTWORK BY RICKY GENTRY A comic page I sketched showing Boss Sota capturing and enslaving Empress Shalia
Sara being turned into a robot by Tyrin, while robotic versions of Shalia and Tyamet stand behind them.
Tyamet being brainwashed by a random fox girl. Drawn in Flash.

WORKS BY OTHERS Tyamet naked and enslaved by one of Sota's Yakaza, Kunai. Drawn by Lillian Chen.
A story where Kunai captures and enslaves Tyamet. Written by VDrake
Shalia being hit by a hypnotic Mega-Muck firing Eggman droid. Drawn by Knuckles169.